My name is Autumn C: I love a handful of silly things like drawing, video games, animals, and chocolate

This blog is completely jumbled with various interests. Sometimes I post art, cosplay, crap I make, or sometimes just some pictures of myself undoubtedly doing stupid things. I try to tag my posts with whatever fandom it pertains to so if you don't want to see certain posts, feel free to add them to your filter!
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Cosplay Friends!


Alright so I was gonna be lazy, but I decided to make a quick post for 4/13. I’ve gotten to meet so many people, learn so many new skills by inspiration, and made a lot of memories because of homestuck. I’ve met people through the most nontraditional routes where I believe I never would have met them if I wasn’t dressed up in some goofy ass wig and horns. I met my boyfriend through a homestuck video chat, my best friend through cosplaying on omegle, and countless others at conventions. It has given me inspiration to reach outside of my comfort zone to RP, learn how to sew, create fanart, and open up around new people and make friends where I normally wouldn’t. I’m both excited and sad to see homestuck on the final stretch before ending, but I know it’s left quite an imprint on my life that I don’t think any other fandom will. 

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I think you and azure-crusade are super cute together <3

aww thanks! I think we’re pretty cute too



NashiCon next weekend! I’ll be cosplaying Anarchy Stocking and Scanty with the amazing Thel Phenom! I’ve been a slacker and literally just feel like

Long Distance - Finally Meeting

Less than 3 days away and I’ll finally get to meet you face to face. Oddly enough, I’m not nervous about you coming here - I’m nervous of how things will be when you leave. I don’t want to think about how hard it’ll be not having you near me once you’ve been here.

Anyone else in/been in a LDR and met their SO? 

So this blog has been hella lame lately and I’m not really sorry. So here’s my bullshit excuse and summary of what I’ll be working on. FIrst off, here are some dumb selfies in my Scanty wig and a flower crown I made when I was feelin’ down. This year has been pretty refreshing with lots of new beginnings; new car, new job, and an incredible boyfriend who lives too far away. I recently started a new job with a game studio this month and although I’m really excited, it’s a lot of hours so we’ll see how much I actually get finished in the following plans. 

As for cosplays - I’ll be headed for Nashicon in April. I won’t be bringing any homestuck cosplays with me so this should be interesting. I plan on having Anarchy Stocking, School uniform Scanty, and an undecided third cosplay (either Medusa from soul eater or San from Princess Mononoke since both aren’t too far from finished) 

In May I’ll be hitting up Animazement! Expect to see some progress pictures for Asuna from Sword Art Online. Hopefully our small sword art group works out - Not sure I wanna be a lone Asuna without my Kirito. Also not sure if it’s considered late or past it’s peak already, but I also plan on cosplaying the Notepad from DHMIS, though this will take quite a bit of time. Sadly, I don’t think I’ll have dreamer Terezi in time for AZ and though I’d love to bring something homestuck to AZ, I can’t think of anything that I haven’t already worn. If someone has a suggestion, feel free to throw it at me! 

That’s enough yammering - sorry for anyone bored enough to read this. expect some random progress pictures from the multiple projects I’m working on! 


So I did a thing.  And I’m not sorry.  I am so very sorry.  Anyway, was messin’ around on Omegle and afterwards thought I’d stay in cosplay for a bit. This was a terrible mistake.  Sexy Strider you have met your match, Stupid Strider.  At any rate, this’ just me fuckin’ around- if ya need more commentary on this and why it’s stupid, just look at the youtube commentary I suppose.


It’s stupid when you still care about or check up on someone when you know they really couldn’t care less in turn.

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I got spearmint gum so I think I'm pretty good until I run out.

Oh sweet. Yeah I’m uh kind of just digging into a can of chocolate frosting like a barbarian because I’m excited and it’s delicious

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:33 how are you?

I’m feeling pretty great! I’m excited to make stuff and learn stuff and ahh excited about life :D you? 

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Hello! :D



It’s much more fun being Terezi than being Karkat.